Hard Hat

Exclusive to Zoresco Equipment Company, the Hard Hat package adds more value and makes you even more productive on the job site; with an increased body weight of less than 100 pounds, it is the smartest way to configure a dump body.

A 7 gauge steel floor with 12" centers prolongs the life of the body and improves the look of it as it ages.

Slammable, aluminum tailgate allows single-handed operation over and over each day.  with greater ease to manage loads, get more done with this sturdy, yet lightweight tailgate.  An aluminum tailgate is 132 pounds lighter than a steel tailgate.

Easy to use and less parts to replace compared to pin system with a non-spring mechanism.

Integrated cab shield and bulkhead eliminates rust from the seam of the dump body and cab shield.  One piece floor with radius sides provides a strong and stable body.

Front gussets are integrated into the bulkhead, keeping the sleek profile of the body.  Front and rear gussets are supplied with 22" board pockets, and the rear gussets are flush with the tailgate, allowing for a fully enclosed body for larger loads of materials.

3/4 cap protector includes factory-punched window in the bulkhead.  With integral body construction, no rust potential compared to bolt-on or welded cab protectors.

No risk of overspray onto chassis.  Fully boxed top rail on sides and cab protector can be painted underneath.

Vertical braces on the side of the body and the tailgate provide additional body strength.  Dirt shredding side rails ensures no accumulated debris flies off.

Tailgate bumper stops, rear posts flush with tailgate and recessed stop/turn/tail lights are all standard.

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